Craig Aston

Office Furniture Specialist
I have been working for Aston & James for 20 years along side a number of my brothers and sisters as well as great colleagues. I thoroughly enjoy working in our family run company and I get a fantastic buzz when helping design new office spaces. Helping business’s come up with the right layout and products for there offices and also seeing this through to the installation phase is my passion. Another big part of what I do is helping individuals with there desk set up ensuring people are not suffering with back pain and have the right chair for there job.

Aston & James have now been established for 30 years and our portfolio of products has grown massively making us a great one stop shop solution for your business. Once upon a time we were known as stationery suppliers and that was about it however now we offer brilliant prices on everything for your workplace.

Building relationships with our customers and working hard to understand there needs is why I believe we are so successful but I also believe our success is down to the vast range of products and services we now offer.

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