Emma Easton

Chief Bolloxologist


I'm passionate about making a difference... otherwise, what am I doing?! I'm definitely in the "do-something-about-it" camp - ready to roll my sleeves up and help... make that tangible difference.

I love learning. You'll normally find me on or about to embark on some new course, increasing my knowledge and broadening my perspectives. Recently I completed in the top 10% in two Marketing Week mMBAs - one in Marketing, and the other in Brand Management and I'm about to start the Judge Business School Exec course on Startup Funding - because securing funding is a large part of many of the businesses I work with, and I want to be even more helpful!

As a creative at heart (hey, I originally trained in Graphic Information Design), I love the interesting things that come from thinking differently and divergently. When not talking strategy or marketing, you can usually find me talking passionately about the importance of sleep.

Away from work, I'm a wife, a mum of two, a school governor and 'a member of staff' to a black cat called Nellie.



Just Post It

What are you frightened of? Time spent dithering about what to write or share on LinkedIn or your other marketing channels is time you could be spending on your business. Call it writer’s block, call it imposter syndrome. Or recognise it’ll add some value to your audience and just post it!

Positive Thinking

No matter who you are or what you do, you will have faced challenges over the last six months, most probably the biggest challenges you’ve ever had to face in your personal and professional lives. This webinar features five people who have been knocked down and got back up again, despite sometimes overwhelming odds. Hear […]