Amanda Claesens



I’m a numbers geek. My love of maths started at primary school thanks to my teacher Miss Orchard. Her enthusiasm for the subject instilled me with a lifelong passion for numbers. I love spotting patterns and trends whether that’s in a simple number puzzle or with a stack of data in a spreadsheet – give me a sudoku puzzle and I’m very happy!

After a Business Studies degree, I took a temporary job as a telephone interviewer for a local research company. I found that as well as getting to play with numbers all day, I really enjoyed the nature and variety of the work. I went on to find a graduate trainee job with a small research agency in Oxford. I built a solid career foundation and invested 20 years there. I worked with a range of businesses from media publishers, legal firms, business advisors to local charities helping them with customer satisfaction studies, employee engagement, new product development and brand tracking projects.

In 2015 the time was right to set up my own consultancy. ACE Market Research was born.



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