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A unique opportunity for two organisations to have the support of The Inspirational Coach FREE OF CHARGE during lockdown

During these unprecedented times,  we may feel uncertain about the future and have feelings of anxiousness or fear of the unknown. With families now having to be under the same roof 24 hours a day or individuals living on their own, we will undoubtedly be feeling different to how we were a few weeks ago.  For some, the lockdown will provide an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to do some of the things they have always wanted to do, but just never got round to it.  However you are feeling during this time, having some dedicated time to talk to someone independent can be rewarding and life changing.

Amanda Molloy – CEO & Founder of The Inspirational Coach Ltd is offering two organisations who are members of the B4 Community a Virtual Wellbeing Surgery Day for up to 4 of its employees (each) a personal one to one session (up to 2 hours).

Amanda will offer guidance and support through expert strategies to your employees to help hem develop personal plans to achieve their goals (work or personal).

Virtual Wellbeing Surgeries are a great way for organisations to look after and support their employees. It can help improve productivity, employee loyalty, happiness, stress management and positivity particularly in times of uncertainty.

Other benefits can include; greater self-awareness; increased confidence; increased resilience; better control over stress through mindfulness; improved personal and professional relationships within the workplace.

If you are interested, please contact Amanda on theinspirationalcoachltd@gmail.com