What is the NEXUS programme?

NEXUS was launched in 2019 to give charities and social enterprises the opportunity to enjoy complimentary benefits of B4 membership when partnered with a B4 member.

NEXUS was designed to grow a spirit of collaboration, sharing and support for those organisations which might not otherwise have the opportunity to secure the benefits of B4.

However, as a result of the challenges posed since March 2020, we have expanded the NEXUS programme to extend this supportive relationship to any business which clearly demonstrates it would benefit from the NEXUS programme, subject to certain key criteria.

NB: The accompanying video on this page refers to charities and social enterprises only. With our inclusion of businesses that members feel could benefit from the support of NEXUS, please take this as including them as well now.

How to get involved

B4 Members will be invited to appoint their NEXUS partner to enjoy selected B4 membership benefits once they have confirmed their own membership.