Working through the crisis

Days into the first lockdown COEL was commissioned to deliver a vital healthcare facility and the pace has not stopped since then.

Through the amazing efforts of our experienced team, we have managed to get all projects across the line.

Helping companies ensure workplaces are safe for employees to return to, keeping building maintenance in pristine condition during periods of not being used, offering advice on how best to utilise workspace and adapt to an agile style of working, and creating exciting and innovative designs to entice employees back and re-unite with their team are some of the things keeping us busy. Thanks to our clients for their support.

Focus has been placed on the way we work as well; regular social communications take place to engage our employees with that connectivity we have all missed: quizzes, compiling happy track playlists, cocktail hours, charitable projects, Christmas and Easter goodie bags are just some of the initiatives we have invested in.

Thanks to all including the brilliant media and social networking groups who have done an exceptional job at cheerleading local companies and maintaining communication.


With over 30 years’ experience in design and fit-out, COEL delivers innovative workplace solutions.

Lizzie Duckworth

Marketing Manager

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