What makes an expert? Here are some of the key traits we’ve learned about our B4 members from 17 years of sharing their expertise

To be considered an expert in a particular field, a person typically needs to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of that field. This requires a combination of education, training, and practical experience.

An expert should have a strong theoretical understanding of the key concepts and principles in their field, as well as a detailed knowledge of the practical applications of those concepts. To stand out from the crowd an expert should also be up-to-date with the latest developments, trends, and research in their field. 

In addition to knowledge, an expert should possess the skills, abilities, and experience necessary to apply their knowledge in real-world situations – the theory is great, but has the expert lived and breathed what they’re expert in? They should be able to analyse complex problems, make informed decisions, and communicate their ideas and insights effectively to others. 

Finally, an expert should have a track record of success in their field, demonstrated through achievements, publications, patents, or other forms of recognition – like those strategically placed certificates we’ve seen on many walls during and post lockdown. 

Overall, becoming an expert requires a significant investment of time, effort, and dedication. It is a lifelong pursuit that involves ongoing learning, reflection, and refinement of one’s skills and knowledge.  

So, why should you share your expertise with anyone other than paying clients? At B4, over the past 17 years, we’ve built a community of trusted members who are themselves experts in their fields. In fact, you may be one of them. Every Friday at B4 we’ll be giving experts in a wide range of fields the opportunity to share their expertise with the B4 community. It’s a great opportunity for our Members to learn from the experts and for the experts to wow our Members and hopefully win some new admirers. 

Interested in sharing your expertise? If so please contact to find out more. 

See for forthcoming seminars at B4. 

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