Upcoming OxLEP event: ‘The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 – why the business voice needs to be heard

Businesses from across the county are being encouraged to sign-up to an upcoming online panel event, critical as the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 moves closer to its consultation period.

On 29 July, OxLEP will be hosting a special webinar: ‘Oxfordshire Plan 2050 – why the business voice needs to be heard’for the county’s business community which will see high-profile Oxfordshire-based business leaders outline why it’s vital that the county’s business community engage with the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 is one of the commitments made by the six Oxfordshire authorities as part of the £215m Housing and Growth Deal – it will trigger vital next steps for the county’s future across multiple key areas, particularly following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The county’s business community will play a critical role in the formation of Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

As a county that leads the world in innovation, it is vital that Oxfordshire benefits from the right infrastructure (both physical and digital), creates the right environment to encourage our young people and entrepreneurial minds to flourish, as well as embracing and leveraging the opportunities that a zero-carbon future will create for everyone.

It’s also critical for businesses to understand and input into the Plan, ensuring they have confidence that there will be plenty of good well-paid jobs, that the county is able to preserve the history and heritage that draws millions of people each year to Oxfordshire, whilst maintaining our amazing physical environment.

OxLEP is therefore asking as many Oxfordshire businesses as possible to join this special, live online event.

The event will take the form of a Q&A session, with a range of business representatives answering questions – an allocated slot in the event will also be made for businesses to ask their questions too.

The upcoming Oxfordshire Plan 2050 consultation period will begin on Friday 30 July and runs for 10 weeks, ending on Sunday 10 October.

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