UK Business losing billions due to poor technology

In response to new data revealing that UK businesses are losing billions due to poor digital experiences, and many UK businesses aren’t making effective use of existing technology, please see below expert comment from Sridhar Iyengar, MD, Zoho.

Sridhar argues that many companies and its staffers simply don’t understand the technology they have invested in due to a lack of usage, and businesses need to drive adoption and proactively create positive digital experiences through training and awareness. Full comment below!

Sridhar Iyengar, MD, Zoho Europe comments:

“The success of any new software is not complete at the implementation stage, and many businesses fail to effectively integrate new technology into every day practice, leading to wasted time, money and productivity.

“It is down to organisations themselves to drive much of the adoption success and create positive digital experiences out of the technology that they have researched and invested in. To do this, there must be training and awareness sessions on how the technology works, why it is necessary, and what the added benefits are to the business – this will ensure that staff are motivated to engage with the new technology by understanding how it will benefit them every day and in the long term. A work culture which has open lines of communication between colleagues, managers and decision makers has the best chance of productively integrating new software into the company, and embracing it must start from the top.

“Investing in technology which prioritises user experience is imperative, as a positive digital experience is the greatest motivator for usage and therefore adoption.”