The priority remains the same

As we hit ‘Freedom Day’, it seems an appropriate time to update you on XIST2.

Much like everyone else, over the last 16 months we have had to make some fundamental changes to the way we work. But the one thing that stays the same, it that or clients are very much at the heart of everything we do.

The biggest change for us, was becoming a ‘virtual’ business. We had the same questions as everyone else…Would it work? Would our clients mind? Would staff remain engaged? As it turns out, we needn’t have worried. As a business, we have managed to find a way for virtual, or remote, working to work for us. We use all the tools in our ZOHO toolbox to ensure we are all working collaboratively and stay connected, we often start the day with a competitive Zoom quiz to make sure energy levels start high (turns out we are all pretty competitive by nature!), and thanks to being a small team, we have even managed to have the odd lunch out together.

For an Oxfordshire based marketing agency, with clients all around the county and beyond, going ‘remote’ seemed like a big step, but actually, as it turns out, it made little difference to our clients. They could see that outputs remained at the usual high standard, and importantly, they understood why we did it. Our priority has always been to keep our staff, and those around our staff including family, safe. ‘Freedom Day’ may be here, but for us, that priority remains the same.

Over this time, we have also seen a shift in what our clients are looking for. More online visibility has become a number 1 for many of our clients, as well as a switch over to e-commerce for some clients. It has been a period relying on reactive decisions, which goes against anything we usually feel comfortable with. But nothing about this past 16 months has been comfortable. What we have tried to do is turn the discomfort into something positive. We have worked hard to be as responsive as we can to clients who have had varying degrees of difficulties through the pandemic. We feel proud to sit with them as a partner agency, an extension of their in-house team, because actually, that is where we feel most comfortable.

We will soon be launching a new support offering to add even more value to our clients. Visibility and clarity are key drivers for our clients, so we want to ensure that we are responding to that need.

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