South East homeowners spend £1.4 BILLION on home decor each year

A new survey from Blinds Direct has found that South-East homeowners spend a whopping £1,401,597,000 improving their homes each year, based on an annual spend of £561 per year per household. (2,563,000 households.)

  • A new study has found that homeowners in the South East region spend a staggering £1,401,597,000 on home decor each year, making it the highest spending region in the UK
  • The DIY Fulfilment Survey, conducted by Wakefield-based Blinds Direct, uncovers the region’s DIY spending habits. 

This makes the South East the highest spending region when it comes to home decor expenditure. 

The DIY Fulfilment Survey, conducted by Blinds Direct – the Yorkshire-based e-commerce retailer of quality interior products – looks at the region’s attitudes towards common DIY tasks and our home décor habits. These include the tasks we find the most satisfying to do ourselves, how much we spend on décor, and which rooms we focus on.

The survey also found that younger homeowners who attempt a décor job rather than outsourcing it are happier with their living space as a result, as those aged 18-24 reported the biggest increase in living space satisfaction (44%) and were most likely to try a task themselves (54%). 

Darren Green, Managing Director at Blinds Direct, commented, “It’s encouraging to see so many homeowners, and especially younger people, happier with their homes now than they were a year ago. 

“It’s also heartening that we’re becoming increasingly confident in taking on the challenge of keeping our homes beautiful ourselves. Whether it’s fitting a wooden blind, painting a wall or building a new desk, we are becoming increasingly confident in our own abilities and the positive effect it has on our happiness reinforces the importance of doing things independently.”

The biggest concern in the region when it comes to considering purchasing a home décor product was found to be the cost (50%), followed by the perceived quality (50%), the aesthetic (37%) and the durability (35%).

Other key focus areas encompassed in the survey included which factors people deem the most important when considering a home décor product, and which DIY tasks result in the greatest sense of achievement when completed. 

To see the full breakdown of results, please visit the DIY Fulfilment Survey here: 

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