Refloating The Ark

Refloating the Arc is a detailed report on the proposed Oxford-Cambridge Arc produced by our research specialists, in collaboration with our regional property professionals.

18 years on from when the Arc conversation first began, it remains essentially a concept. Our comprehensive analysis is presented in four sections, considering the Arc in the context of a rapidly changing economic and political environment. We present our strategic view of how growth could be delivered in order that the Arc continues to thrive and remain relevant.

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Section one: Within the first section of the report, we consider the concept of the Oxford Cambridge Arc, which has been under discussion for 18 years, and look at the progress that has been made within that time.

Section two: Within the second section of the report, we consider the priorities for the Arc. We look at the broader context of the current climate and analyse which core factors will impact the Arc, either positively or negatively. Is the Arc deliverable, or is it likely to remain just a concept?

Section three: Within the third section of the report, we address where growth could be delivered. We consider which type of locations should be prioritised and analyse the strengths, weaknesses, potential and constraints for each.

Section four: Within the fourth section of the report, we address that there may be greater utilisation of development along existing corridors, highlighting those that would not require considerable new infrastructure and could most benefit the region.

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