Positive Steps to Recovery With… Charles Stanley – Keeping Business Going

1. Pulling Together – we have created Charles Stanley Community designed to help support staff and clients – this has helped self-isolating clients during lockdown…so we had staff supporting clients and clients supporting clients.

2,000 hits on the pages on the dedicated on the web site and 10 clients asked for help and five times as many offered to help which was brilliant! This was a testament to our clients and the support they were prepared to provide for people they didn’t even know. We’ve had gardening tips from Country Life, virtual performances from the National Theatre, we’ve had podcast virtual tours from the Royal Academy – all sorts of things to help our clients.

2. Staying Well – we have been doing a lot of work with Harlequins and ex and current players talking about mental wellbeing in webinars to help support our clients and staff. We also have had lots of mental health / wellbeing webinars for our staff. We have been looking at how we can stimulate positive thinking for our staff – mindfulness sessions, managing stress, ballet and pilates classes have been really supportive.

3. Staying Connected – we have pushed out regular communications through clients, staff, market makers…all designed to maintain connections with our various networks. We have run a lot of case studies for our clients and some of these have appeared on FT online. We do a weekly communication anyway but the lockdown communications have been more frequent and detailed. We have done Facetime videos and podcasts about how individuals are coping – that went on LinkedIn and other platforms. Once a week we have something internal that staff can engage with – word search, anagram games….ways to keep the teams engaged. We have also been doing weekly quizzes about ourselves to find out more about each other. We’ve done a lot of pub quizzes and fancy dress…we’ve even done a Treasure Hunt! We’ve had to keep the fun going…everyone has been working (nobody has been furloughed) so we’ve had to keep spirits high. We’ve actually had one of our best years so far – it’s been incredible!

4. Vigilance – there’s been a huge increase in cybercrime – we’ve stepped up our vigilance on cybercrime as there are so many more scams out there. So we’ve been updating clients and staff on how to spot cybercrime / scams.

5. Business As Usual / Working From Home – we have seen huge benefits from working from home as above. We are doing risk reviews on each of the branches to see how they would function if people did go back to work. We will carry on as we are for the foreseeable future and respect the wishes of staff who want to be safe and accommodate those that want to come back to the office, or a mix of the two.

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