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Aston & James has always worked to understand the needs of businesses to stay relevant and to ensure that the range of products we deliver is appropriate for you in supporting your business.

That’s why we have expanded our portfolio over the years to include Furniture, Workwear, IT, Facilities Supplies, Janitorial, Catering and so much more.

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is a category that we have been working in for some time, but it’s fair to say that for many of our customers, they didn’t know we provided a service and a range of products. This is now the most important and most essential range. The emergence of Covid-19 has changed this perception and PPE and Infection Control products are now absolutely at the core of our workplace supplies range.

As businesses return to their workplaces, shops, pubs and restaurants re-open, travel re-starts and social distancing reduces, we anticipate that there will be ongoing demand for hygiene products such as sanitizers and soaps, hand towels and toilet tissue, as well as gloves and face masks, protective screens, signage, new office layouts, environment changes and increased working from home and so on.

We are committed to supporting you with these products and we will ensure that we maintain consistent stocks, service levels and insofar as we can to support Oxfordshire and beyond where ever possible.

In the initial stages of the pandemic, there was a sudden and totally unexpected surge in demand for some products, particularly hand sanitizers, face masks and toilet rolls. As a result, we, like everyone else had stock issues, and consequently, many companies sourced elsewhere, sometimes successfully and at other times with quality and standards issues.

If you have sourced products further afield and would prefer to buy local we are here to listen and help with your requirements. Buying local benefits everyone in our communities, and its time to seize this opportunity to integrate the old ways of yesterday with the present, to improve our communities and overall global society in a positive and more self-reliant way. We are here to save you time, energy and cost. Reduce deliveries, improve the local environmental impact with a smarter delivery service at work and at home.

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance in sourcing and providing your requirements – we are here to help

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