Microfilm Deterioration: How To Identify It And How To Preserve Your Content

We are currently working on several large archives of Microfilm in the two formats: 35mm and 16mm. These Microfilm are for archival purposes and as such require our HQ TIFF scanning services.

Each file is converted to a uncompressed format that will capture all the detailing of the images. Typically, this service is used for film that has captured rare books, with the original books unfortunately lost or destroyed.

With the Microfilm being the only copy, we need to ensure a very careful approach, using white gloves to eliminate dust particles and smudging of fingerprints on the film.

Our company can convert microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards upto 1200dpi TIFF uncompressed files. Other output formats include PDF, JPEG or PNG. There are many options to scan microfilm to digital. Each project has unique elements to it, and most are one-of-a-kind.

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What Does Microfilm Mean?

Microfilm is an analog storage medium using film reels which are exposed and developed into photographic records using a photographic process. It is typically used to store paper documents such as periodicals, legal documents, books and engineering drawings. It is compact in nature, is low cost to produce and store and requires far smaller storage space than paper documents. Therefore, it is considered to be a good archival form.

Signs that your Microfilm is going bad

There are some dangers though. Deterioration of the film can lose you valuable archives. It is important to understand that now is the time for converting all media into digital files, preserving them for the future.

  • Vinegar smell – This is the first stages of decay
  • Orange Spots – Decay has started to cause blemishes in the film
  • Falling Apart – This is very serious and requires a toxic specialist to convert

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