Meeting at House Meet Live allows business and education to collaborate for learning

‘I first came across Emma and her amazing knowledge of LinkedIn during one of the B4 House Meet Live events. I knew that she would be the perfect person to help me sign my year 13 students up to LinkedIn and enthuse them with the energy and skills needed to get the most out of LinkedIn. Emma has just run this session and our students are now ready to network and use their profiles to benefit their future career ambitions. Thank you so much the Emma and to B4 for facilitating this meeting.’ Lindsay Powell

Meeting Lindsay at House Meet Live was inspiring. It led to a discussion and an outline plan to work together. It was brilliant to train the year 13 students and answer their great questions on getting the best out of LinkedIn. Helping them set up their LinkedIn profiles ready to go out into the business world with their own personal branding is one of the first steps in helping them achieving their future ambitions. Delighted to share my knowledge with them all.

House Meet Live is an excellent event for us as B4 members, you never know what opportunities it may present you with next.

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LinkedIn can seem a daunting platform to start with. It needn't be.

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