Let’s talk turkey!

Hot off the press – some topical food for thought with a distinctly seasonal flavour and certainly something for businesses to chew over and digest to ensure that they keep abreast of the latest thinking in branding and have a tried and tested recipe for success that isn’t bland for the new year ahead.

By PHIL STRACHAN – The Think Brand not bland Guy

As I expected, it is happening again! Sad news indeed but it would appear that a very significant number of business owners and managers, entrepreneurs, marketing directors and marketing managers who commission branding, identity and graphic design projects, will once again end up with a turkey at the end of this year.

Sad news all around except perhaps for Bernard Matthews!

But it didn’t have to be this way if only they had worked with the right branding specialist. The fact is that despite good intentions and stout resolutions (plug for Guinness there!) made by many of them at the start of the year, they all just fell into the trap of failing to break with tradition. Failing to be different, they have ended up just like most of their competitors – headless chickens who have cooked their goose and almost certainly heading for a real roasting. And all because they failed to think brand – not bland!

Bad news all round for all – except perhaps for Paxo!

It is clear that businesses behaving in such a manner will never rule the roost. And to crown it all, by choosing to follow the flock and operate on a wing and a prayer, these businesses are in real danger of being left without a leg to stand on. Left to fight over the leftovers, they are destined to end up totally plucked and well and truly stuffed. Bad news all round for all – except perhaps for Paxo!

Cutting through the inevitable gobbledegook and without wishing to make a meal of things, it seems clear to me that this is the perfect time to ruffle some feathers if businesses and organisations don’t want to end up with a turkey at the end of next year. Some basic fundamental truths, some of which may at first seem totally unpalatable, need to quickly be brought home to roost if businesses are to have any chance of carving out a real opportunity for themselves and getting a decent slice of the action in the new year ahead.

Importantly, it has to be recognised that what is sauce for the goose isn’t necessarily sauce for the gander because every business requires its own individual recipe for success that is both creative and original – and most importantly is brand not bland. All would-be high-flying businesses and business owners need to understand their businesses better and they must not duck their responsibilities. They need to identify their strengths and weaknesses and exactly what it is that they stand for and they must take great care not to kill the goose that laid the golden egg ie the reason why their target audiences should choose to use them rather than their perceived competitors.

It is strongly recommended that business owners and managers should give free range to the strategic and creative strengths of their chosen branding, identity and graphic design partners rather than simply relying on growing their businesses and brands organically.

The gift of bold, frank insights and a generous helping of mirth

It is inevitable that many thick-skinned and chicken-livered business leaders and business owners might turn tail and take flight at the idea of sticking their necks out and running fowl of established conventions.

However, if that is how they feel and they don’t like the heat, they really should get well and truly out of the kitchen. It is very strongly recommended that they should appoint a really good branding, identity and graphic design partner who can make sure that they think brand – not bland and who will help to add to their festive cheer with an injection of bold, frank insight and a generous helping of mirth to make sure that they stand out from the crowd and won’t end up with a turkey at the end of next year.

If they don’t, it will probably just be tough turkey all round again next December

And the moral of this story is that if you don’t want to end up with a proverbial turkey at the end of 2023, leave the production of turkeys to Bernard Mathews and leave the stuffing to Paxo. Instead, place your trust in Phil Strachan, The Brand not bland Guy, for all things brand, identity and graphic design related. Let him help you to dish up success on a plate in the year ahead and stand out from the crowd by helping you to ‘Think Brand – not bland’.

To make sure that you don’t end up totally plucked and well and truly stuffed with a turkey at the end of next year, please call Phil Strachan on 07770 753 975 for an initial no-charge meeting to find out how working with The Think Brand not bland Guy could really benefit your business by helping it to stand out from the crowd in the year ahead.

 NB No turkeys were hurt in the writing of this article and any puns are purely unintentional.


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