It’s Official: Greggs is the UK’s favourite restaurant brand

Greggs is officially the UK’s most popular restaurant brand, new research can reveal.

·       Greggs is the UK’s most-loved dining brand, with a 71% approval rating among Brits 

·       Krispy Kreme and Lola’s Cupcakes are the second and third most popular UK restaurant companies 

·       Pizza Hut is the UK’s no.1 pizza chain, beating out rivals Domino’s and Pizza Express 

The study, by commercial kitchen experts Maxima Kitchen Equipment, compared the fame and popularity of 100 dining brands in the UK, and used YouGov data to calculate a relative approval rating for each one.  

An impressive 71% of people who were familiar with Greggs said they like it, while Krispy Kreme had the second highest approval rating at 67%. London-based bakery Lola’s Cupcakes came in third on the list at 64% – well ahead of the UK’s average approval rating (47%) for all brands in the study.   

Greggs has more than 2,000 locations across the UK, with more than 300 being opened over the past five years as Brits have continued to enjoy its range of pasties, cakes and sandwiches.  

Pizza Hut is officially the UK’s most popular pizza place. With 59% popularity, Pizza Hut was the nation’s 11th favourite dining brand, while Domino’s was its 14th. Pizza Express came in at position 24, and Papa John’s was 40th on the list of best-loved dining chains.  

Hummingbird Bakery, Mexican restaurant Las Iguanas and French bakery Patisserie Valerie also led the charge as some of the UK’s favourite restaurant brands, taking fourth, fifth and sixth place. Salad chain Tossed, steakhouse Miller & Carter and the West Cornwall Pasty Co. also featured in the top ten with some of the highest approval scores in the UK.  

On a generational level, the official favourite dining brand of Millennials is Krispy Kreme, followed by Greggs and Domino’s Pizza.  

Baby Boomers ranked Greggs, Wetherspoons, and fish and chip brand Harry Ramsden’s as their top three favourites, while Gen X put Tossed, Pizza Hut and Burger King at the head of their list.  

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for Maxima Kitchen Equipment said: “When you compare the popularity of a restaurant with its fame, you see some fascinating results for the UK’s favourite place to eat. Despite the worldwide dominance of brands like McDonald’s and KFC, we’re seeing that brands like Lola’s Cupcakes and Tossed are actually the nation’s most enjoyed.”  

Top ten favourite dining brands in the UK   

Rank Brand   Overall Approval  
Greggs   71%  
Krispy Kreme  67%  
Lola’s Cupcakes   64%  
Hummingbird Bakery   62%  
Las Iguanas   61%  
Patisserie Valerie  61%  
Tossed   61%  
Miller & Carter   60%  
West Cornwall Pasty Co.  60%  
10 Millie’s Cookies   60%  

Top ten favourite dining brands for Millennials 

Rank Brand   Overall Approval  
Krispy Kreme 86% 
Greggs 82% 
Domino’s Pizza 75% 
Ben’s Cookies 72% 
Las Iguanas 71% 
Hummingbird Bakery 71% 
Ask Italian 71% 
KFC 71% 
Lola’s Cupcakes 71% 
10 Nando’s 70% 

Top ten favourite dining brands for Baby Boomers 

Rank Brand   Overall Approval  
Greggs 65% 
J D Wetherspoon 63% 
Harry Ramsden’s 62% 
Sizzling Pubs 59% 
West Cornwall Pasty Co. 58% 
All Bar One 57% 
Loch Fyne Restaurant 57% 
Upper Crust 57% 
Brewers Fayre 56% 
10 Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse 55% 

Top ten favourite dining brands for Gen X 

Rank Brand   Overall Approval  
Tossed 75% 
Pizza Hut 69% 
Burger King 69% 
Greggs 66% 
Las Iguanas 66% 
West Cornwall Pasty Co. 65% 
Millie’s Cookies 64% 
Krispy Kreme 62% 
Hummingbird Bakery 60% 
10 Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery 60% 

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