“Organisational pressures are set to rise in 2023 (and beyond). The employment relationship is undergoing the greatest transformation it has seen for decades.” – Jonna Mundy

With the aftermath of Brexit, an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, and now the financial crisis; there is a continual economic strain on employers, whatever your industry.

Through tracking economic and employment trends, You HR recognises the pressure on organisations.

The need to make difficult decisions around redundancy, or trying to do more with less is tough. Some organisations are still contending in the battle of a saturated recruitment market, or now attempting to rapidly ‘grow their own’ and retain talent within.

New challenges and uncertainties about the future are mounting; the rise in demand for flexibility and choice, re-thinking wellbeing to have a stronger focus on financial support. Organisational pressures are set to rise in 2023 (and beyond). The employment relationship is undergoing the greatest transformation it has seen for decades.

There’s a need to ensure a compelling vision is in place for any organisation, one that is fit for the future and gives confidence in how the drive to transform the employment relationship will take shape. HR (Human Resources) will be the navigator to reach your destination with agility and guide you on your journey with your most invaluable asset, your people!

You HR has embarked on a mission, undertaking our largest transformation in our 13 years of trading. We have refined the unique and tailored services we provide to our clients, ensuring our products ELEVATE and encapsulate an HR offering that is fit for future. A new organisational dawning of passion and purpose is emerging and putting people (not just profit) first, and we are proud to be paving the way in how organisations can reach their destination.

We have seen many cases of admirable leadership and management resilience. A sheer determination and compassion to care when grappling with the growing demands and pressures arising from changes and trends in the employment landscape, but the ability of being equipped to cope, is taking its toll.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience has enabled many leaders and managers, responsible for effectively and efficiently tackling operational and strategic HR and Organisational Development (OD) challenges, to succeed. Why?… Because we understand how, in any organisation, “it’s all about the people”.


Recognising every client is different and ensuring our values are engrained in all we do (to listen, understand, action and achieve), has enabled us to retain an aligned synergy with the Public Sector, Not for Profit and community based Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) clients we work with. We share a passion for being people centric and creating social value.

We have built our new service model to equip clients with what they want and to meet their future needs. Any of our 5 service levels create a tailored plan of work, built on intelligence drawn from a baseline audit we undertake, and depending on where an organisation is at on their HR and OD journey.

We evolve the foundations of employment compliance, enhance wellness and develop people managers. We create the ability to change and transform, strengthen organisational capability and culture. Ultimately we can elevate a client to become the model employer of choice they want to be.

You HR survey reveals that only 55% of organisations feel their managers and leaders are equipped with HR ability to cope with future needs…

Our top 10 areas of focus for organisations in 2023:

  1. Equality, Diversity and inclusion: Ensuring a work 1 environment for all through fair, equal and consistent practice
  2. Employee engagement: Keeping employees connected, motivated and invested in their work, relationships and choice for the future.
  3. Talent retention: Develop people managers and strategies to grow and retain top talent through organisational career pathways.
  4. Workplace culture: Building a positive, productive and supportive work environment that encourages learning and growth.
  5. Work-life balance: Empowering employees to find a
  6. Change management: Take employees on a journey of organisational change and transformation that they can champion.
  7. Legal compliance: Maintain policy, process and practice as employment laws and regulations evolve.
  8. Wellness: Provide holistic solutions that aid mental and physical health, including financial support and assistance.
  9. Performance optimisation: Set clear expectations, goals and objectives that are regularly and meaningfully reviewed where constructive feedback is given and received.
  10. Employee benefits: Review and update the total employment package to ensure it meets the wants and needs of employees and future recruits.

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