Hybrid workers embracing bus operators’ flexy ticket

Oxfordshire’s leading bus operators have issued a reminder flexible tickets are available for commuters who now travel to work part-time.

Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel’s flexi tickets provide travel on any five days or 12 trips. The passes have proved popular in recent months as more workers and students embrace ‘hybrid working’ in Oxfordshire.

The passes are available on all local bus services, including Park & Ride, and the airline coach service.  A customer using the 12 trip CityZone EXTRA ticket to travel to Oxford from Abingdon could pay just £4 per day for their commute, a saving of 20% compared to paying on the bus each day. A Park & Ride 12 trip ticket reduces the cost of a round trip to the Park & Ride by more than 10%. And key workers at the JR Hospital commuting from Didcot on the recently-improved X32 service could pay just £5 per day for their commute with a CityZone & South Oxon Zone 12 trip.

Phil Southall, Managing Director of Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel said: “We have experienced an increase in the volume of people buying our flexi tickets to use for hybrid working and studying. There are likely to be many people who have recently adopted a hybrid working model who are not aware of the flexi tickets, so we are raising awareness.

“It is clear there is a growing trend of people splitting their time between home and work and our pre-established flexi tickets are an ideal solution for this. Due to the increased demand, we are now working on some further improvements to our flexi ticket offerings via our new app, which will provide even greater solutions for hybrid workers.”

Flexi tickets can be purchased via the app or on the key smartcard.

For full detail on flexi tickets please visit the websites:



Oxford Bus Company

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Phil Southall

Managing Director

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