Discount Retailer OOPS! Shops for Retail Units

OOPS! Food Clearance the new retail concept of parent company KPFF Limited is actively seeking retail units as part of its ambitious growth plans. The retailer already has three stores open in the North West but is now looking for further premises as it hopes to get 30 shops open by the end of the year.

The first three stores, which opened in quick succession at Central Retail Park Bolton, Corporation Street Retail Park in Preston, and Ardwick Street St Helens, has seen the retailer offer consumers knockdown prices for hundreds of food items. The parent company buys goods that were heading to waste in from large manufacturing sites and repackages them at its purpose-built Liverpool base.

The products may have ended up in manufacturers clearance section for a number of reasons, such as over production, packaging errors, or the goods being the wrong shape or colour. Food that was set to go to landfill but is still entirely safe to eat ends up on the aisles for customers to purchase. The stores have over 600 products for sale which includes a mix of frozen, fresh and dry goods.

“It is an exciting new retail concept which has been extremely well received by the public,” said James Harrocks of Harrocks Commercial Property, the retained property agent.

“OOPS! are now actively seeking retail units of between 7,500 sqft and 10,000 sqft as it aims to grow exponentially in the next year. All units need to come with dedicated on-site parking, with its main focus being on built-up residential areas and central arterial routes. OOPS! would also consider showroom sites, where after an agreement is made the company would handle change of use planning permissions.”

The retailer wants to find sites in the North West footprint before looking to grow nationally.

Noel Davis, CEO, OOPS! ends: “Now is the perfect time to gain pace in our plans to open 30 or more stores this year alone. As the impacts of COVID-19 and this third lockdown are felt across the country, more and more families are struggling with access to affordable, nutritious food. We are here to help deliver sustainable solutions to this challenge – so we need the right locations on the right doorsteps. We are currently identifying our next stores, with works planned soon, but we are always looking to the next.”

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