Children Heard and Seen TFN success!

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Children Heard and Seen’s TFN pitch last night.

It was a fantastic evening, and the donors present were incredibly generous. You can watch the full video of Sarah and Kaylee’s pitch below. The proposed project will allow us to employ a full-time worker to provide innovative and specialised support to children who have a mother in prison. In total, we managed to raise an amazing £28,650 towards our total project cost of £36,000 (salary + on-costs for one year).

Over £68,000 was pledged to 3 fantastic non profits in the space of 40 minutes, leveraging the power of collective philanthropy. You can still donate – click here to make a pledge:

To find out more about our live crowdfunding events visit:

Children Heard and Seen

Children Heard and Seen is an Oxfordshire-based charity established in 2014 in order to support children and families impacted by parental imprisonment.

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