Celebrating National Inclusion Week

This week we are celebrating National Inclusion Week. This week’s theme is #UnitedForInclusion and looks to share inclusion in all its forms. National Inclusion Week asks us to consider three questions:

This week we are celebrating National Inclusion Week. This week’s theme is #UnitedForInclusion and looks to share inclusion in all its forms. National Inclusion Week asks us to consider three questions:

  • What best practice can you share?
  • What challenges do we have to learn from?
  • What steps can you take to overcome them? 

At Included, inclusion is central to our work and what we stand for. We’ve shared our answers to these three key questions below. What does inclusion mean to you? Join the conversation over on Twitter.

What best practice can you share?

What challenges do we have to learn from?

  • Diversity and inclusion are distinct from each other. Diversity is the reality of the world we live in, but inclusion is a choice that must be actively made by individuals and organisations. 
  • D&I work is often seen a task or something that can be added on at a later date. We want this to instead be embedded into the core of an organisation. 
  • The environment is constantly changing and developing. We must listen to conversations about racedisabilitygender, and other topics to continue to learn and grow.

What steps can you take to overcome them?

  • Measurement is key. Find out why is this important and how to achieve it in our overview of Inclusion 3.0 and measurement
  • Define your “why”. This means you must understand what what D&I is, and why it matters to your organisation. This can come from listening to personal stories or the business case for inclusion. 
  • Take personal responsibility for your behaviours and your impact. Help empower those you work with and be part of an inclusive culture.
  • Explore practical actions that can be taken to improve your organisation’s inclusivity. These may focus on inclusive leadershipprocesses, or strategy development

NEW REPORT | Diversity and Equal Opportunities in UK Broadcasting

TV and radio that is created by a workforce that represents UK society is more likely to reflect the lives and experiences of broadcasters’ whole audience. Diversity and inclusion helps broadcasters to create innovative, imaginative, and authentic TV and radio. We’re delighted to have been involved in this groundbreaking report from Ofcom. Read Ofcom’s 5 year look at Diversity and Equal Opportunities in UK Broadcasting.

Catch up on the Inclusion Talks diversity, inclusion, and belonging event

Included CEO and Founder, Stephen Frost, joins a powerful line-up of speakers for this refreshing and thought-provoking discussion. Addressing the state of UK inclusion, covering themes such as; diversity fads, genuine allyships, and tick box inclusion initiatives. Watch now.

DEI Awareness

Here is a look ahead to the DEI awareness days this month:

  • October is Black History Month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Global Diversity Awareness Month
  • 1 October – International Day of Older Personas 
  • 6 October – World Cerebral Palsy Day 
  • 10 October – World Mental Health Day 
  • 14 October – World Sight Day 
  • 17 October – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
  • 26 October – Intersex Awareness Day 

Find out more about Included’s approach to diversity here and take a look at the recent Impact Report here.

Please get in touch with us anytime to have a conversation about making your organisation more diverse and more inclusive.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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