Carter Jonas – Vale of White Horse District Council ‘call for sites’

Steven Sensecall, Partner, Planning & Development, Carter Jonas Oxford said: “Vale of White Horse District Council is now working on a new Local Plan, having launched an initial ‘call for sites’ exercise.

However, as many are focusing their efforts elsewhere in this uncertain time, there is concern that some locations with potential for development could be missed.

“The purpose of the ‘call for sites’ process, is to identify potential sites that can be technically assessed for their suitability, availability and achievability for housing and commercial development. This first step invites landowners, developers and community groups, interested in having land considered for a range of different uses, to submit specific information on their sites for assessment.

“Vale of White Horse District Council is looking for land that meets the following criteria:

· Located in the Vale of White Horse District Council’s administrative boundary

· Able to accommodate five or more dwellings if proposed for residential use

· Able to accommodate 500sqm or more if proposed for economic development (i.e. commercial) use

“Vale of White Horse District Council adopted its Local Plan 2031 Part 1 in December 2016 and its Local Plan Part 2 in October 2019. Due to the requirement for local planning authorities to review (and if necessary, update) their local plans at least every five-years, Vale of White Horse District Council is now working on a new Local Plan 2041. The information will be used to help planning officers understand which sites across the district may be available for development.

“As it stands, the deadline for submissions is Friday 29 May 2020. However, current disruptions could mean that the process is accidentally overlooked by some. With just over four weeks to go until the deadline closes, those who believe they may have an appropriate site are advised to speak to a relevant expert to discuss site suitability and the specific requirements.”

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