Bus operators back world car free day

Oxfordshire residents are being encouraged to take the bus on World Car Free Day on Wednesday.

Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel are taking part in the global initiative which aims to ease congestion and improve air quality by promoting mass transit, cycling and walking to motorists as alternative methods of travel. World Car Free Day will see bus operators, along with other high-profile organisations including local authorities support the campaign.

The bus operators are offering 30% off the cost of 12 trip tickets purchased through the operator websites or app. They will also be taking part in a social media awareness campaign to support the global scheme. It forms part of the companies’ commitment to encouraging more people to use sustainable transport in Oxfordshire.

Phil Southall, Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel Managing Director, said: “We wholeheartedly support World Car Free Day, it is an excellent initiative that highlights the environmental impact of private car trips and promotes more sustainable modes of transport. We would encourage people to take part and use it as an opportunity to see what buses have to offer.

“Buses help reduce congestion and significantly improve both air quality and carbon emissions, which is key to helping tackle the climate emergency. We have invested millions in ultra clean technology which has helped to radically reduce CO2 emissions in Oxford. Those who travel with us can use our app to buy tickets, plan journeys and track buses in real time. 

“Our technology even shows much carbon dioxide people can save when using buses, compared to a private vehicle journey. For example, taking the bus from Abingdon to Oxford, rather than driving would save 1,840g of CO2. That’s the same as making 780 cups of tea.

“World Car Free Day further supports our Back To Bus campaign this month, which is designed to help people get back to normal via an affordable and sustainable mode of transport.”

Oxford Bus Company

The Oxford Bus group of companies has connected passengers across Oxford, South Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Reading since 1881.

Phil Southall

Managing Director

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