Bureau Veritas urges UK business to ‘Make Change Happen’ as COP26 progresses

With COP26 now firmly underway, leading sustainability authority Bureau Veritas is urging UK businesses to ‘make change happen’ as it supports the commitments and ambitions coming out of the conference as world leaders progress with day three of the global climate summit.

In the last two days, key commitments to come out of COP26 include a historic pledge to end to deforestation by 2030, which has been signed by more than 100 countries; a pledge to cut methane gases by 30% in the next nine years; a global plan to boost green technology; and the launch of the Breakthrough Agenda – a commitment to work together internationally to accelerate the development and deployment of clean technologies and sustainable solutions.  

With Boris Johnson pledging to take action on ‘coal, cars, cash and trees’ during COP26, commitments to date have started to make headway on these ambitions – with the following 10 days key in determining how these priorities will be addressed.  

Julie-Anna Smith, South & West Europe Sustainability Services Leader at Bureau Veritas, said: “It’s encouraging to see that on day three of COP26 there are already a set of clear, tangible commitments and ambitions that address some of our biggest global sustainability issues.  

“However, these commitments and ambitions made require action, and not just conversation.  

“Irrespective of how quickly some of these pledges become a legal requirement, or how much funding is allocated to make them happen, UK businesses all have a role to play in making change. What is clear in all the commitments made and discussed to date is that transparency and accountability is key – there are processes, procedures and action that needs to happen now to ensure businesses are ahead of the game when it comes to potential new regulations coming down the line.”  

Identifying new and sustainable ways of working is likely to be a complex task for businesses; particularly larger companies that are likely to need to make change sooner rather than later. 

Julie-Anna said: “Regardless of sector or industry, change is coming. And with mandatory change comes the need to adapt quickly and effectively in the most transparent way possible, which is where a third party such as Bureau Veritas can really help.” 

From auditing products, services and sustainable credentials to ensuring the safety, quality and performance of new assets through all stages of design, construction and operation, Bureau Veritas is able to support businesses of any size on meeting change head on.  

“As a species, we’re in a great place to make change happen,” said Julie-Anna. “Yes, humans have been the problem, but we are also the solution. With science and technology readily available to help in tackling climate change head on we are in the best place we have every been to make an impact during our generation.”  

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