Blenheim Spring Update

We're delighted to see Spring is truly on its way across the Estate with the trees brimming with buds and more blooms every day.

We’re delighted to see Spring is truly on its way across the Estate with the trees brimming with buds and more blooms every day. It’s never quiet on the Estate but these ewes enjoying a crisp sunrise among the trees on the Grand Avenue is pretty close to peaceful.

The Park & Garden

As from Saturday 13th March, our Park, Gardens and car parks will reopen to provide local people with an opportunity to exercise in the fresh air on their own, with their household or with one other person. Please respect our local communities, colleagues and each other, and only travel to Blenheim Palace if you live locally, ensuring you arrive on time and follow all government regulations.

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Life on the Estate

Christmas has come very early for our Forestry Team who have been hard at work planting 3,000 Christmas tree seedlings across a 10-acre section of our woodland. Planting the seedlings is just the first stage in a year-round maintenance programme to nurture them to full size for Christmas 2027.

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A new survey has revealed the incredible biodiversity of our ancient woodland in High Park. With over 2,800 separate species recorded from dung beetles to fallow deer, we’re delighted to see our rich biodiversity and precious natural resources are protected and thriving.

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Our Homes

Meet the Coopers. We caught up with the Cooper family to share their experience of buying with us, living at Park View and take a peek into their home. They tell the story of falling in love with the architectural design and vision that we are building, reserving on the launch evening and the journey of buying with our ‘fantastic’ team. If you’re looking for tips on decorating your home and how to bring your visions to life, with a little help from Pinterest, this article is perfect for you.

Meet the Coopers

Our Land

Our Land Strategy is ambitious and we can’t deliver it alone. We are looking to partner with tenants who are closely aligned to our long term goals and are looking to make a real difference. We currently have grassland ideal for grazing and hay making available for forward-thinking commercial farmers. If you’re interested, or know of someone perfect for us to partner with we’d love to hear from you.

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In the Garden

World Wildlife Day this week has reminded us just how important it is to protect and support the species all around us. With Spring bringing us milder days to spend in the garden its the perfect opportunity to make a few small changes to encourage the wildlife in your garden. From planting pollen heavy flowers, leaving a little bit of debris and adding water sources there’s many little things that’ll help your resident wildlife.

Encourage Wildlife in your Garden

Build a Worm World
Learn about the interesting activities of worms by creating your very own worm world to watch how earthworms burrow to mix and aerate soil, and eat leftovers right in front of your eyes.

Build a Worm World

Build a Bug Palace
Build your very own Bug-heim Palace with recycled materials to give the wildlife in your garden a new home, encouraging new growth and habitats is the perfect project for a weekend.

Build a Bug Palace

In the Kitchen

National Butcher’s Week (8th-14th March) has inspired us to share with you Lamb recipes perfect for the season. Whether you opt for a classic Sunday roast, or entice your taste buds with a Lamb Vindaloo, there are so many exciting dishes you can bring to life with a cut of lamb. Local produce always tastes the very best so shop local with Aldens Oxford ( or Woodstock Butchers ( to buy our very own Blenheim Estate Lamb.

Lamb Recipes


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