B4 Pass Provides New Benefits to Oxfordshire Companies

B4, Oxfordshire’s leading business to business network is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a wide range of new benefits for its growing digital audience, including the B4 Pass.

The B4 Pass will give B4 Members, their teams and anyone wanting to buy the pass access to a wide range of exclusive content including four quarterly online full day events, regular webinars, exclusive interviews and a growing number of offers provided by B4 Members in the form of discounts off products, services and courses. 

The key is connecting more businesspeople in Oxfordshire, according to B4 Chairman Frank Nigriello. “Previously one or two people in an organisation enjoyed the benefits of B4 events and online content. Now business leaders have a new employee perk to offer all their staff — a B4 Pass. 

“The B4 Pass means employees will get discounts on products and services as well as online courses and information to help them in their careers. It is another way to show your employees that your organisation cares about them.”

Nigriello should know about caring about employees, he’s Director of Corporate Affairs, for Unipart Group, the global logistics company which has one of the highest ratings for employee engagement when benchmarked against similar organisations.

“The past year has been hugely challenging for many companies. Managing employee engagement has been a similarly challenge task, particularly with many people working from home and others working on Covid-secure sites”, he said.

“It has always been difficult to recruit people to work in Oxfordshire due to the higher cost of housing and transport issues. Moving forward, businesses need as many tools at our disposal as possible to attract and provide support for their people. The B4 Pass is a cost-efficient way for business leaders to offer that little something extra to their people. 

“I’ve witnessed, first-hand, how quickly B4 has adapted to the new world of work and I’m excited at the content B4 is now presenting through the new B4 website. 

“With the launch of ten new channels on B4TV dedicated to key areas including wellbeing, sustainability and equality, plus up-to-the-minute best practice on operational topics such as sales, marketing and social media, colleagues can easily tap into resources they won’t get anywhere else.”

“The B4 Pass tells all employees that we’re proud to be part of the Oxfordshire business community because it’s a great place to live, work and grow your personal skills and career.”

To find out more about securing the B4 Pass for your team, contact B4 on 01865 742211 or email

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