B4 ONE: WORKPLACE WELLBEING 30th September broadcast from Blenheim Palace

A day of empowering webinars to boost engagement, motivation, performance & health in the workplace

Oxfordshire, 1st September, 2020: B4, Oxfordshire’s business collaboration network, attracted over 400 hundred delegates to its first ever virtual conference between 2nd and 4th June. Using the event hosting software, Hopin, the hugely successful BIO2020 provided over one hundred two-way speaker sessions, speed networking and an interactive expo zone over the course of three days.

On Wednesday 30th September, from 8.30am to 4.30pm, B4 will be delivering the first in a series of bi-monthly all day webinars focusing on culture building in your business. Over the next 12 months, each event will be broadcast from a different location in Oxfordshire with Blenheim Palace hosting the inaugural B4 ONE event (B4 ONE replaces the seven year BIO series of conferences).

Since March, we have all experienced challenges none of us ever expected, in some cases compounding already existing personal and professional pressures. B4 ONE ‘Workplace Wellbeing’ will address key issues affecting the workplace including mental health and wellbeing at work (which now, for many, clearly includes our homes as an extension of the workplace), the office of the future, workplace wellbeing strategies, increasing productivity by addressing wellbeing, flexible working policies, fitness in the workplace and much more.

B4’s Richard Rosser commented, “BIO2020 was very much created on a wing and a prayer…it was a strange few months for everyone and we knew not being able to deliver the planned face to face event would leave the B4 community with a big hole. Thankfully, everything went to plan and the feedback we received after the event was phenomenal, so huge thanks to the B4 team, speakers and everyone who tuned in. We want to continue delivering great on line events and have come up with five strong themes to deliver to the business community over the next twelve months with B4 ONE Xtra next year emulating the madness of the three day BIO2020 event. Registration for all events is free to everyone and will see representatives from the B4 community and invited guests deliver engaging content and advice on this hugely important subject… without a healthy workplace and workspace how can you hope to have a healthy business?”

Blenheim’s Chief Executive, Dominic Hare, is a big fan of the format having engaged with seemingly all of the one hundred plus talks delivered at BIO2020. “It was amazing. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it, I was completely hooked. It was great to see so many friends for the first time since lockdown began and the event gave everyone a real spring in their step, not to mention excellent content provided by the wide range of brilliant speakers.

“We’re chuffed to be holding the first B4 ONE outside broadcast and workplace wellbeing is such an important topic for all of us to focus on. I’m sure B4 will deliver another great line-up of speakers for the business community to engage with and it will be great for Blenheim to receive some exposure as the host venue.”

Heather Carter, Blenheim’s Operations Director, added, “I can’t think of a better place to host a conference on Workplace Wellbeing. The beauty and the open spaces of Blenheim’s park has been hugely appreciated by many needing to escape their home offices during the past few months. We are so lucky to work in this amazing place and to share it with others.”

B4 have teamed up with Studio8 & Static Airwaves who will be using their combined expertise to manage the outside broadcast. Studio 8’s owner, Clark Wiseman, commented, “Working with Blenheim and B4 is a great opportunity to showcase what we can do to the business community so we jumped at the opportunity to support the event. This is going to be a great production and we’re really excited to help raise the bar for B4 events.”

To register for the event please visit https://www.b4-business.com/event/b4-one-workplace-wellbeing/. A full list of speakers, including representatives from Blenheim, Unipart, NHS, Oxford Brookes, Aston & James, B3 Potential, Oxfordshire Mind, COEL, You HR, Oxfordshire County Council and more can be viewed on the site.

Sponsorship opportunities are available here: https://www.b4-business.com/sponsorship-of-b4-one-webinar-events/


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