B4 member, Urban Element, crystallizes its vision and launches a new website to reflect this

Longtime B4 member and supporter Natasha Ellard launches a new website and sets out who they are in the digital marketing industry.

Through its eighteen years in operation, Urban Element has been working with organisations both locally and internationally to help make a powerful impact through their social media, digital and web presence. They have done this through their unique blend of digital expertise and commercial acumen.

Over those years, the business has thrived in the social media marketing, search marketing, and web design space. Still, the team felt their website did not accurately reflect these highly-valuable specialisations, particularly social and search.

Eager to level up and show off their capabilities, Natasha and her team have launched a brand new site that highlights their digital marketing agency focus squarely on social media, search and web design, with an extra-large focus on social.

Reflecting their appreciation for the B4 community, Urban Element’s new website features work and clients that have been connected through B4 introductions, such as Cherwell College and Conversis, demonstrating the value and strength in the B4 community.

By solidifying their vision and designing a new website to match, the team at Urban Element has refined their web design process and formed increased empathy and perspective from the client’s side. Always ready to share insights and lessons learned, Natasha and her team have documented their process, extrapolated insights and plan to talk at B4 events about these internal process and lessons and how B4 members can benefit from this knowledge.

After her powerful talk at the BIO2020 conference, “From Paid Advertising to SEO – Choose the right strategy“, we are thrilled to see what valuable points she will be able to share from this experience.

B4 is proud to have Natasha and Urban Element as a member. We wish them luck for the future and gratitude for their support of our community.

“Thanks to B4 introductions and the revenue this has generated in the last year, we have been able to invest in our own digital marketing and website to bring our internal focus to our external clients.

“Covid forced everyone to up their game or evolve. Thankfully, our offering at Urban Element has not had to change or evolve much at all, but we did definitely up our game! And through this, we have become the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in Oxfordshire. We specialise in social media marketing, search engine marketing and web design. And we are thrilled to have a brand new website to reflect this focus.

“For our B4 peers, we look forward to sharing our lessons and insights at B4 events, talking about how Urban Element is leading in the digital marketing industry and what members can be doing to stay ahead of the game.”
Natasha Ellard, Managing Director, Urban Element.

Urban Element

As a Digital Marketing Agency, with expertise within the Engineering, Construction, Professional, and Education sectors, we’ve helped businesses in Oxfordshire, the UK, and overseas achieve their digital objectives.

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