4 New Associates at Wellers!

Stuart Crook FCA, celebrates the rise of another 4 members of staff to Associate level at Wellers.

As partners, our legacy is only as strong as the foundation we leave behind. Consequently, our role is about helping our staff develop and grow in servicing our clients. This is so that they can then become future leaders and continue to advance the cause of Wellers long beyond our time here.

It’s this very approach that has enabled our firm, and our clients, to grow and thrive over 8 decades. We derive immense satisfaction from witnessing our people evolve, over time, into new roles, and eventually make the step up to leadership level. We’re therefore delighted to announce that Jordan Wood, Nikita Patel, Ralph Hearn, and Tom Biggs will become Associates from 1 October 2022. 

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The Associate Programme at Wellers

The Associate Programme is part of our internal Leadership Plan. It exists to help us by identifying key personnel to manage and drive forward key projects that contribute to the strategic development of the firm. It also equips our Associates with the necessary leadership and business ownership skills to set them up for a potential future move up into the partnership.

This means it identifies future talent, by enabling Managers with a stepping stone to becoming the next leaders both within Wellers and our clients’ businesses. We’re excited to work with Jordan, Nikita, Ralph, and Tom moving forward. Part of their development into the role included attending a leadership course to help prepare them for moving up into their new roles. They describe below what becoming an associate has meant to them. 

Jordan Wood

I was very appreciative to have attended a leadership course earlier this year with Nikita.

It was an immensely helpful experience, discussing common issues and stresses with similarly minded people from other organisations.

One of my biggest takeaways was that we all face surprisingly similar internal, and external, challenges at work. Being able to discuss the diverse ways these can be addressed, and hear other people’s perspectives was so valuable.

On a personal level, it was great to step back and review the way I work to affirm that I am achieving my objectives effectively, and to ensure I am doing my best to help others around me achieve theirs.

I look forward to putting these learnings into practice, and help further develop our teams at Wellers, and our clients.

Nikita Patel

I am really grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend the leadership programme with Jordan. This gave us a forum to speak to people from other businesses about the opportunities and challenges we’re facing. It was really interesting to hear the similar issues experienced by others. I found it really useful to bounce ideas of each other, discuss the way that we do things, and what has worked well for everyone. 

This course felt like a revelation for me, it has helped me to take a step back and think about my own personal development. Namely, who I am as a leader, and who I would like to be. I’m now focussed on the bigger picture of what I can do to improve things in a positive manner.

I have been at Wellers for almost 11 years now and have been lucky enough to have had exposure to a wide range of clients across different industries. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me, and look forward to helping the firm reach new heights!

Ralph Hearn

I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to undertake the leadership course.

It was a pleasure to attend it alongside Tom and to pair with delegates from other similar sized businesses. It was also pleasing to note our progress in comparison to others in our efforts to look after our clients, and our people.

It was unlike any other professional development I’ve done in my career and through different group sessions, and presentations, it challenged me to consider the type of leader I want to be. It also helped provide direction on how I can further influence the firm in a positive way. I found this period to be full of self-reflection, and that time spent outside of the comfort zone can be highly rewarding when channeled in the right manner!

I am fully committed to helping the firm grow and I’m very proud to work amongst such a talented and hard working team. I look forward to continuing my own development at Wellers, whilst working alongside so many wonderful people.

Tom Biggs

It was great to attend the leadership programme last year. Meeting people at similar stages in their development was great, we were able to share ideas, and get a very valuable perspective of life at other businesses.

A big take away for me was being able to think about what being a leader within Wellers means, and it made me question what I can bring to the table to make the firm even better.

I am CTA qualified which means I have a tax background in addition to being a chartered accountant. I look forward to working more on our tax offerings to clients, imparting this knowledge and skills to others in our firm, and developing further as a leader in this field at our firm. 

I’m excited to continue this journey with Wellers and to working with colleagues and clients in my new role.

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