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Practical Process Mapping Workshop 26th June 2019

Information on the workshop:
• Do you know what is working well in your business?
• What are the activities that if you stopped them your business would come to a halt?
• Do you know who is responsible for these tasks?

This process workshop will provide an overview of business process and why it is important to understand where the key activities are in your business.

Our approach to capturing process is to communicate directly with individuals who carry out the tasks in your business. This workshop will showcase useful ways of doing this to effectively capture processes from the key players in your business and communicate it back to those key stakeholders.

Making business activities clearer helps your business become more efficient and effective leading to better results!.

Links to the workshops:

Wednesday 26th June – Reading

Tuesday 16th July – London

Testimonials from previous workshops

‘Feel so much less daunted by process mapping’ – Organic PO Solutions

‘Good working atmosphere to create a strong education/training environment’ – Advent Management

‘All businesses could benefit from this workshop, great as a refresher and for someone new to process’ – Ireporto

‘Paul and Victoria have brilliant knowledge and are extremely approachable and make learning fun’ – Organic PO Solutions

Our attendees leave feeling confident and ready to map their own business processes straight away.

‘We have already organised a session with post it notes and brown paper galore! We will definitely be in touch if we get stuck. But are looking forward to getting started on process mapping.’ – HR Central Limited

Link to video testimonials here

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