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Is Your Recruitment Campaign GDPR Compliant

In our 3rd co-hosted webinar with Sylo Associates, Kellie and Sally White will be discussing whether or not your ‘recruitment campaign is GDPR compliant’. If you are responsible for recruitment within your company, have you ever considered the following:

how certain are you that your recruitment processes and systems are GDPR compliant?
are you concerned that you are retaining unsuccessful candidate data for longer than is required?
are you confident that you are processing recruitment data lawfully (e.g. consent, legitimate interest, pre-condition of employment…etc?).
have you considered how compliance can enhance your company’s brand?

I will answer these questions and many others during my Friday free #webinar ‘is your #recruitment campaign GDPR compliant?’

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Start Date08/11/2019
End Date08/11/2019
Start Time12:00 pm
End Time12:30 pm

Online Webinar