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Brave New (Online) World Webinar

In the four weeks since the World Health Organisation classed the Corona Virus as a pandemic, Governments across the world have been implementing strict lockdown measures. For many businesses, this has meant the closure of their offices and a swift migration to working from home. The adoption of new online tools to support businesses with their remote working has been nothing short of seismic.

At Databasix UK, we want to share our five quick data protection questions for choosing an online tool:

1. What personal data are they (online tools) collecting about me and my clients?
2. Do they share or sell personal data about me and my clients to 3rd parties?
3. Where in the world is the personal data stored (e.g. USA, Europe / UK…)?
4. How long do they keep personal data about me and my clients?
5. Are there differences in use of personal data between ‘free’ and ‘paid’ service?

We will suggest action steps that can be taken to enable you to to evidence your accountability under the GDPR and UK Data Protection laws. There will be 15minutes at the end of the session for your data protection questions. The webinar will be recorded and made available via our website following the live session.

Start Date2020-04-23
End Date2020-04-23
Start Time11:00
End Time12:00