How do I update my company profile?

You can submit new information here and a member of the B4 team will update your profile for you.

How do I update my personal profile?

You can edit your profile here (you must be logged in).

Are B4 events free of charge?

Each individual event listing will advise whether there is a ticket charge or not.

What are Houses / What is House Meet?

Each B4 Member is assigned to a house with 13 other members and 1 House Lead, equaling 15 members in each House. Each week, your House will be introduced to another House, providing you with 15 potentially new connections.

What is House Meet Live?

House Meet Live is a prearranged get-together every Friday where Members can meet up with anyone they were introduced to that week. However, Members are more than welcome to make their own plans to connect with others.

Will you re-share my social media posts?

If you are a B4 Member, following our accounts, and mention B4 in your post, there is a high chance we will re-share your content. We cannot guarantee this, however.

How do I appear on an episode of The Business Brunch?

B4 Members will be sent weekly opportunities to book a show.

Where can I download B4 logos to use?

B4 Members can find logos at the bottom of their My Account page.

I uploaded an article, where is it?

Articles must go through a moderation and approval process with the B4 team first. You can expect your article to appear on the Articles page within 12 hours.

How do I post a press release?

B4 Members should log in and visit this page under My Account in order to create a press release.

How do I edit my article?

Articles cannot be edited directly by Members. You must contact the B4 team on info@b4-business.com if you wish to make an amendment to a published article.

How do I edit my press release?

When logged in as the author of the press release, you will see a small “Edit” button underneath the title of the press release, next to the date. Clicking this will allow you to edit your post.