House Meet Live with Brendon Cross of STL

Come along to House Meet Live every week to meet other members, have one-to-one meetings, or simply listen to some great speakers from the world of business.

House Meet Live is a relaxed opportunity for members to come and go as they wish and hear from other members and invited guests. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to ask questions and for members to arrange 1:1 discussions in our breakout rooms.

If you do want to ask a question or give your thoughts on a topic you can do so in two ways:

  • Put your comments or question in the chat box
  • Or use Zoom’s “raise hand” function (“clapping” or “thumbs up” will also work if you don’t have the raise hand option)

If you would like the opportunity to share your business news and updates at HML, please contact the B4 team well in advance so that we can try and include you in the running order, subject to availability.

This week’s Special Guest

Brendon Cross

Brendon Cross

Chairman, STL Communications

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