Your E-Car


We are a vehicle leasing broker based in Witney, specialising in the supply of electric vehicles on contract hire.

Having previously traded as Red Kite Leasing Limited, we have rebranded our business in line with the drastic changes taking place that are overhauling the way vehicles are powered.

With the introduction of the first Zero Emission Zone in Oxford this August and a transition to all new cars becoming electric from 2030, we are here to advise you on the best way to drive an electric vehicle, at the best price.



Ben Fleetwood’s EV Market April Update: Tax, Benefits & the Company...

Really? Do I really need to know this????? It’s a bit early for the old tax and company car story isn’t it? Yes, perhaps it is but as B4’s Electric Vehicle expert will tell you, you need to know this if you’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle and making a choice between electric and petrol could make a huge difference… and even enable you to choose a nicer car, providing it’s electric.