Wellness With Emma


Wellness with Emma means treating your whole being – not just focusing on 1 aspect of wellbeing like food or exercise – but instead getting in alignment with your body, mind & Soul so that you can live a healthier, happier, more balanced life.

Instead of just coping with the stresses & running on adrenaline she believes in shifting to a more balanced life with your Soul/Spirit guiding you so that you can allow your mind and your ego to become more relaxed.

She holds her clients in a cocoon-like space where they can shed the old patterns and constructs that keep them stuck.

Emma assists clients on their journey of Self – Mastery whether that be with your own Business Goals, dreams of becoming a Mother, or creating a healthier life/work balance.

She helps her clients to find their inner peace and lead from their inner knowing so that you can grow in confidence and feel more relaxed.

She is super grounded and practical in her approach whilst reaching the healing streams of light and channels messages & healings from Source.

Coach, Healer, Author, Aligning Body & Soul