The Walking Business Coach

Why Choose The Walking Business Coach?

  • Is continual busyness stopping you thinking strategically?
  • Do you lack clarity, feel overloaded or blocked?
  • Do you want more sales, good quality clients and opportunities?
  • Need ‘time out’ to reflect and make fresh plans?
  • Could you think better on the move, out in the fresh air?

Walk – Talk – Plan combines exercise, strategic thinking with planning and accountability.

Jackie can walk with you personally or virtually. Walking helps you let go of stress, stimulates creativity, and encourages reflective thinking. The most important things to focus on will become crystal clear.

Is it time to put your phone to one side and get out from behind your desk? Book a complimentary virtual coffee with Jackie to discuss.

Online Services Delivered by The Walking Business Coach

  • Want More Sales? Jackie helps professional’s to sell their services naturally with her online course and effective one to one zoom coaching programme.
  • Want to Stay on Track? Jackie helps SMB Managing Directors and the Senior Team clarify direction, strategy and action with her virtual In The Boardroom monthly sessions.

Team Members

Jackie Jarvis

Business Coach