The Academy


It’s not easy hiring the right PR agency.
There are thousands to choose from.
But few who give clients what they need.
Some are strategic, but lack creativity.
Others have ideas, but lack the thinking to do them justice.
Most are obsessed with their own structures or financial targets.
Not enough are obsessed with their clients’ businesses.
And hardly any set the bar high enough.

It’s just as difficult to find the right agency to work for.
Too many put profit ahead of staff development.
And don’t value their people enough to teach and improve them.
So people end up moving on to the next agency.
Where the same thing tends to happen.

We’ve created a new kind of agency.
An agency that is creative and strategic.
An agency that is independent and puts its clients first.
An agency that finds the best talent
and makes them even better.
An agency whose work gets noticed, makes a difference
and passes into popular culture.
An agency that sets the highest standards in the industry.

Welcome to THE ACADEMY


Team Members