Tripp Hearing

We are an independent family run private healthcare practice covering Oxfordshire and the surrounding area.

Our hearing healthcare practice has earned an excellent reputation in Oxford and the surrounding areas for providing a wide range of digital hearing aids and also for our unique microsuction ear wax removal clinic.

We understand that hearing loss and tinnitus can interfere with your quality of life and we recognize that it is essential that you receive the care, attention and expertise to find the best solution to solve or manage your hearing impairment.

Our personalised hearing tests utilise state of the art equipment and result in a comprehensive and detailed report on your hearing and a full analysis of all your digital hearing instrument options.

The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinic has specialised nurse practitioners who can remove wax in a safe and gentle way. Even the most problematical ears can be helped and the procedure is essential if traditional syringing is not appropriate. In addition, we pioneered the ear wax management course for primary care nurses in the Oxfordshire area.

Team Members

Vincent Tripp

Operations Manager

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