Our Vision: For every child to enjoy a positive and flourishing relationship with education.

Our Mission: One-Eighty exists to connect vulnerable Children & Young People (aged 4-18) with a positive learning experience through working on patterns of thinking, behaviours and emotions that hinder learning.

Our Values: We are goal orientated and outcome focused. We are innovative in our approach. We offer wrap-around support. We are holistic. We partner with other agencies to develop a creative support package. We see therapeutic work as short-term and intensive. We look to psychology research to influence our ideas. We are a family. We mentor. We engage with people where they are at. We see families as central to behavioural change. We see education as a key to future success. We see schools as the anchor for community cohesion. We believe children and young people can develop their resilience. We are hopeful.


Team Members

Rebekah Sammut

Development Manager