Natasha Purple


I am a consultant, trainer and coach, dedicated to supporting learning cultures in organisations, helping businesses adapt and evolve through challenge and change.

With 20+ years’ experience in leadership, education and organisational development, my expertise lies in building infrastructure, culture and operational strategy. As Associate Executive Director for Operations and Organisational Development for a Global Leadership Community, I developed the strategy and operational infrastructure to support leaders to collaborate across their differences for systemic change. I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, am accredited as a Systemic Leadership Coach, and trained in facilitating Organisational Constellations.

​I offer a range of services, from organisational diagnostics and troubleshooting, through leadership coaching and training. All designed to help you create the conditions for a regenerative organisation that learns and adapts through challenge and change.

– Organisational Strategy
– Embedding Strategic Learning
– Culture Audits & Development
– Support through organisational transitions and change
– Leadership Development
– People Strategy
– Building a Regenerative Business

I also offer responsive trouble-shooting organisational consultancy, so if you know something needs solving in your organisation, and need diagnosis through to implementation, get in touch.



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