My Sales Guru

We specialise in helping people sell knowledge based solutions in ways that reflect how their clients want to buy. We train and coach your people to:

  • Increase Sales – Work out how to increase sales across your business
  • Target Customers – Understand the specific needs of your target customers
  • USP – Develop a unique sales proposition to differentiate you
  • Price – Price your products in ways that make them attractive to clients
  • Bespoke design – Develop a sales strategy designed specifically to sell your products
  • Learn how to sell – Help your people learn how to sell reliably and confidently
  • Sales Objectives – Set regular sales objectives and monitor the results achieved
  • Ongoing Development – Support the ongoing development of your sales people
  • Progress Monitoring – Build a pipeline to monitor progress and forecast income
  • Identify Improvements – We work with you to identify and fix those elements of your sales process that require improvement

Team Members