Laughter is timeless.

Laughing is literally the cheapest form of therapy and by far the most pleasant one.

At Laughter4life we believe laughter has the power to heal not only your soul, but also your body.

At Laughter4life we practise Laughter Yoga, a revolutionary way for businesses to promote fitness, good mental health, and connection – all while having a laugh.

Based on the proven theory that Laughter benefits our body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Laughter lets us reap the psychological and physiological rewards of a good belly laugh.

Our sessions are designed for the corporate environment; they work brilliantly as a conference warm-up to break the ice, or as regular in-office sessions to promote wellness in the workplace.

Sessions tend to last 15-30 minutes and combine movement, yogic breathing techniques and playful laughter exercises.

Team Members

James Ainsworth

Owner & Coach