JJ Hunt Photography and Video

I first picked up a camera at about 11 years old – my grandfather’s Rolliflex. After that I was hooked and since then cameras have always been part of my life. I have always taken pictures and I’m very lucky to do it as my profession. I love the illusive nature of photography. Anybody can take a picture that is for sure, but a great picture? That’s what photographers are always searching for. ‘The decisive moment’ as French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson eloquently described it.

I did an HND and then a degree in photography and media, and have been shooting photographs and video ever since. For me, being a photographer means a number of different skills. Technical: understanding photography, video and computers, people skills; making the people I photograph and my clients feel comfortable and happy and giving them the results they want, and organisation, planning, and reliability to produce the work required to deadline. All those qualities make a good photographer. I am passionate about working with clients to achieve the photographic and video results they desire.

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