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One-stop guide to Oxford’s independent businesses. Hidden cafes, beautiful gift shops, and purveyors of delicious local produce. We support & promote independent businesses across Oxfordshire. Start exploring.


Set up in March 2015, we shout about the plethora of Oxfordshire’s independents to locals and visitors alike. Whether they are shops, bars, restaurants or places to stay, these indies make this city just as rich, as interesting and as unique as its world famous, University centric history.


Oxfordshire’s indies (and all indies!) reflect the places we live, our cultures and our interests and they make us different. We want people to know the alternatives to the nationwide high street stores and make considered, well-meaning purchases that last.

Through supporting independents you’re supporting the local economy and the money you spend at an independent directly helps support that person’s livelihood. You’re also supporting crafts people, experts in their fields and people who care absolutely 100% about what and why they’re doing it.

There are great businesses just down the road that will greet you by name, and online shops that will deliver your order by bike and at a time that’s convenient to you. We want you to discover them!


First and foremost by spreading the word. Our directory is a comprehensive, ever growing list of hundreds of indies in Oxfordshire.

Through the directory, the blog and social media we tell the stories behind these indies and the people who brought them in to being.

As well as this, Independent Oxford has built and continues to build a community of independents who collaborate, encourage and support each other through what came sometimes be a challenging and lonely profession.


1. Check out our Directory to discover your new favourite independent businesses.
2. Use and browse #IndieOxford on social to spread indie love and support.
3. Consciously consume and adapt your shopping habits.
4. Get to know your local businesses. And we mean REALLY get to know them. Talk to them, find out their story, discover what makes them as a business owner tick.

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