We are a people-focused data consultancy, using our expertise in data collection and data protection to help organisations improve efficiency and decision-making.

We have a range of data protection services that can support your business no matter where you on with your programme of GDPR compliance. Our focus will always be your people and your business, ensuring a practical approach to data protection for the business and people who understand their responsibilities when handling personal and sensitive data.

  • Data Protection Services: We will work with you to develop and deliver an appropriate training programme to ensure data protection is taken seriously by all staff within the organisation and no longer viewed as a ‘tick-box’ exercise.
  • Training: We make our sessions practical, engaging and dare we say it…’fun’. Well, we’ve had feedback that they’re ‘not as boring as I thought it would be!’ We will use sector-relevant examples to bring points to life and can focus on areas of particular concern for your business. We pride ourselves on making a complex subject easy to understand, making it easier for your people to apply their learning in their daily business activities. We also provide a safe environment for people to raise issues or ask questions without judgement.
  • Retained Support: Whether you’re a small business needing low level input or a large organisation with its own Data Protection Officer, with five different types of package to choose from, you can be sure of having the right level of support to suit not just your needs, but your budget too.

Unsure which one is right for you. Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements: 01235 567316.

Team Members

Kellie Peters

Founding Director

Regina Lally

People Person & Director

Giulia Placidi

Digital Marketing Executive