CMe Media Limited

CMe Media Ltd is an advertising and marketing agency with a significant level of experience within the UK media industry. Delivering fantastic campaigns across TV, Radio, Billboard, Bus, Facebook, Google and in the places where you can be seen and heard.

CMe clients benefit from a wealth of knowledge and strong relationships with suppliers, ensuring them competitive rates, great opportunities and value for money.

Media Buying – This service comes at no cost to our clients. We can save time and money by planning, negotiating and then booking your media throughout any platform anywhere and anytime.

Digital – Reaching the right audiences across all platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. We know how to deliver results. No soft metrics here, we deal with hard leads and expect to be judged on it. Our team are here to teach and to deliver.

Research – It’s our job to understand our client markets and industries, we’ll evaluate the areas to target and recommend where the results can be achieved for your budget.

Creative – Resource specialists at your fingertips through visual assets, radio commercials, music imaging, TV Commercials and online video content. We bring your campaigns to life whether it’s audio or visual.

Timing – An understanding of the yesterday deadline! We make it happen!

Team Members

Leigh Armstrong

Sales & Operations Director

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