B3 Potential

B3 Potential brings a practical, science-based approach to professional development and learning through coaching, workshops, assessments and programmes. Our understanding of the deep connections between brain, body and behaviour – the B3 connection– enables us to fast track behavioural and organisational change that sticks.

Harnessing the latest research in neuroscience, biology, mindfulness, psychology, and workplace theory, we uncover the B3 ™ connections that any individual or organisation needs to master in order to attain their goals. We help you understand the patterns common to all of us whilst identifying what is unique to you so you can answer questions like these:

  • How do I lead a team when everything is changing?
  • How can I improve mental fitness within the workplace?
  • Why won’t my team do what I need them to do?
  • How can I maximise my strategic brainpower?
  • How do I create a psychologically safe environment that delivers results?
  • How do I build emotional intelligence quickly?
  • What would help my team perform at a higher level?
  • Where can I find energy when I’m already feeling worn out?

We rightly focus on acquiring professional skills but people who understand how to utilise the B3 connection™ also arm themselves with the human tools needed to excel. It’s the critical difference in the modern workplace.

To start humanising your working world, ask us about our coaching, consultancy and courses.

Team Members

Kate Reid